Premier Game Truck Rolling Video Games Business Plans

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Rolling Video Games has prepared a detailed business plan to show the numbers behind this exciting business.  It serves as an excellent tool for your planning and as a clear presentation for banks and institutions for your financing needs.

First, a fully completed business plan.  In this plan, we use Little Rock as a sample city with data filled in and spreadsheets inserted ready for presentation

Sample business plan for Little Rock (pdf)

Sample business plan for Little Rock (doc)

Here are the business plan documents ready for you to edit.  Look closely for the areas that you fill in with your information.  Adjust the spreadsheets and insert.

Business Plan ready for edit  (pdf)

Business Plan ready for edit (doc)

Open in Excel and navigate the tabs for the four spreadsheets used in the plan:

Rolling Video Games Pro Formas Spreadsheets (xls)

Prepared by:

William Cain 

Managing Partner 

Macscon Financial Services 

Office: (708) 275-7056 

Fax Number: (708)720-2806

Mr. Cain is available for further financial advise and preparation.

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