Rolling Video Games Game Truck FINANCING

We want you to find the financing you need.  Feel free to call any or all of the lenders below to find the program right for your needs:

Option #1

Call Drew Kabo at Paramount Financial   1-480-222-0300

For quick approvals, apply at:  Paramount Financial financing or click the red card.

Option #2

Call Bob Colbert at Direct Capital  603-373-1930

Or apply online right now by clicking the blue button above.

Option #2

Call Mike Mikel at Pinnacle Leasing   720-279-0775

If he cannot be reached by phone, you should email him at or apply directly online.

Apply online at:


** You ARE Approved with our in-house financing

You are automatically approved for 50% of the purchase price financing from our own in-house financing and there is NO CREDIT CHECK for it.  You simply need to come up with the other 50%.   Let us know before you purchase if you are using this option.  Apply with our partners (above) for assistance with the other 50% of your purchase price.


Option #3


Offers business loans to relatives of military personnel, active duty and retired military

1-800-531-USAA (8722)

They will need a Trailer VIN# before loan can be processed. 

Option #4

First Citizens Bank

Contact your local branch

First Citizens Bank in Nashville, Tennessee has financed a Mobile Game Theater Business. John Bennett, is the Site Manager. He is happy to talk with your banker about funding this opportunity. He can be reached at 615-477-6203. Please make sure you have no bankruptcy in the last seven years and a credit rating of at least 680-700. 

They have more than 430 individual branches in Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington & West Virginia.

Option #5

Compound Profit

Compound Profit’s Unsecured Business Finance (UBF) Program

Contact: Robert Jacobs 

877-386-3716, x134      Email Robert:

(Unsecured Business Loans & Credit Lines) 

This is a program for business operations that are seeking $10,000 to $150,000 to either launch a new business or to expand their existing business, but have been declined by their bank, or are seeking an alternative to their bank. First round of funding is typically $25,000 to $50,000... expandable in six months with good payment history during the first round of funding. There are no upfront fees. 

1. FICO score of 580+ (or Vantage score of 680+)

2. No late payments or derogatory credit marks within last six months*3. No judgments or collections in unpaid status*

4. No past bankruptcies (Even if discharged)*

5. At Least ONE BANK CARD with 3 year history or $5,000+ limit… if you have no car loan or mortgage, then TWO BANK CARDS are required.* Assistance in removing these marks is available from a 3rd party if desired. The owner/officer/guarantor must maintain a clean profile during the review/underwriting process. This includes avoiding mortgage changes, any additional car loans and/or any activity that would change credit status. 


Aside from these options, check with your area banks who offer a variety of loan options:

- Home equity loans

- Personal loans

- Lines of credit

Different banks have a variety of different terms.  Don't limit yourself for looking for a "business loan" when another type of loan or credit line will suffice.

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